About The Vineyard

I started The Vineyard out of a passion for delicious food, fine wine, and time spent with friends. I am blessed and humbled by the community we’ve cultivated through these years, all in the pursuit of making connections over health-conscious elegant plates and wine.

Our menu features a locally sourced market-to-table approach to food and we focus on only using the freshest ingredients, all of which are hand-selected by our Chef. We truly hope you come to love The Vineyard as much as we do.


Deb Linden
Deb Linden, Owner of The Vineyard Orlando

Wine, Demystified

We love to demystify the world of wine. Many find wine tasting and buying to be an intimidating process, but our approach is different. The answer to the most important question in wine doesn’t lie within vintage, vineyard yields, or cases produced - the most important question is, “Do you like it?”. Our goal for this question is to be a resounding yes. We ensure this by taking a guided approach with well-trained staff and an on-hand sommelier to answer your wine questions and make suggestions based upon your specific palate.

Whether you’re an oenophile collecting exotic wine or a more casual wine lover, we are here to help you find your new favorite inexpensive go-to, or perhaps a limited production rarity you’ll share with a loved one for a special occasion.

Our Team

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